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Punklore (2008), A Lucky Thief in A Careless World (2009), Paramour (2010), On What a Thing This Heart of Man (2011), On the Ground Where John Wesley Walked (2011), How to Kill a Butterfly (2011), Wyrd Beautiful Thyme/A Clean White Shirt (2012), City of Tales: Volume 1 & 2 (2013), Easy Listening (2014), When a Gift is a Curse (2014), Land of HOly Joy (2014), A Place Called Home (2014), Be A Stranger (Shape Worship Remix) (2015), Traders Losses Double to 4.4BN (Bermuda Triangle Remix) (2015), The Land of Holy Joy (2015), An Atlas of Spatial Practice (2016), Brutalism Begins at Home (10"), The Clouds That Break The Sky (2017).

Johny Brown (vocals); Mark Beazley (bass); James Stephen Finn (guitar); Steve Hands (drums); Peter Smith (organ); Inga Tillere (visuals)